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Aug 21, 2019

How to be well-rounded, what is method advertising, tips on getting over creative block and more. Alex sat down with the current group of CPB interns to answer their questions.
With Alice Fennelly, David Zosel, Brandon Dwight, Billy Boy Horn Chloe Gordon and Omari Green.
Quick Q&A summary
2:22 – To be a good, well-rounded strategist, where would you point someone?
4:40 – How does an intern develop an understanding of the brand they’re working on?
9:05 – How do you get out of creative block?
11:03 – How do you develop the art of noticing?
13:35 – What’s a skill not taught to ad students that they should learn?
10:40 – What would you say to the nervous intern afraid to speak up in a meeting?
18:20 – What stands out for you in student portfolios?
19:55 – What is it that you see in Millennials that makes you value their insight?
22:06 – Do you believe in the power of manifestation?
22:36 – What level of grit is required to succeed in an internship?
24:20 – How do you know if something is good?