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Sep 5, 2019

Art D’Elia is SVP, Chief Brand and Innovation Officer at Domino's. He dropped by the shed with Alex and creative director Kelly McCormick, to talk about innovation and consumer advocacy in the pizza category, as well as what agencies can do to better align with their clients and why Alex thinks advertising is 100% science.

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2:54 – The things agencies do that make Art go bananas

5:29 –  Basing creative on facts not opinion and why Alex says “There is no art to what we do, it’s 100% science.”

8:53 – Why the most creative people on earth are theoretical physicists

11:12 – The notion that a brand can be a consumer advocate.

14:09 – Why Domino’s decided to pave roads across America.

18:58 – The basis of a good agency / client relationships.

25:23 – What keeps people from building great client relationships

31:37 – Why all Domino’s advertising starts with a brand action.

34:32 – Why Domino’s always couples brand actions with above the line advertising.

40:30 – What’s next for Domino’s: e-Bike and autonomous robot delivery