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Jan 31, 2019

Alex Bogusky gets inside The Woodshed for the first time to talk with longtime friend Aquiles La Grave about Ad Brawl - a way to add objectivity and real consumer data to the conversation around the best big game commercials. 

The USA Today ad-meter calls itself the definitive measure of SB commercials for the past 30 years. But it’s completely subjective. provides an engagement score for each of the Big Game ads, and allows anyone (brands, agencies, creatives) to upload their spot and test it against the big brands spending big money in the game – for free.

Aquiles La Grave (@adlgco) is the Founder and CEO of programmatic ad network Brandzooka, who collaborate with CPB to build Ad Brawl.

Special thanks to Beacon Street Studios for The Woodshed theme song:

Another special thanks to the fine people at CPB for putting up with the saw dust and splinters as we built the shed.