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Oct 3, 2019

Things get crowded in the shed when guest Adam Chasnow brings in a jazz trio to prove a point about collaboration. An executive creative director at CPB, Adam has developed acclaimed ad campaigns for Microsoft, Kraft Heinz and Infiniti, and credits his early education in Jazz trumpet with his ability to collaborate creatively with others. His theory is that everyone in business can get better at their craft by taking a page from the tenets of collective improvisation. Musicians Paul Romaine (drums), Annie Booth (piano) and Mark Diamond (bass) join in the discussion and play a few tunes with Adam to help illustrate his points. If you don’t know anything about jazz, don’t worry. Neither did Alex.


Learn the rules, then forget them.

Always be listening and reacting.

Know the right time to stand out, when to support and when to lay out entirely.

It’s only stolen if you do it worse.


Adam Chasnow – TRUMPET

Adam's LinkedIn


Paul Romaine – DRUMS

Paul is a working jazz drummer from Denver who teaches at the University of Colorado’s Thompson Jazz Studies program and co-founded CCJA (Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts) – a non-profit dedicated to empowering youth to creatively express themselves through the language of America's art form. 

Click here for more info on CCJA


Annie Booth – PIANO

Annie is jazz pianist, composer and arranger who was voted “Best in Denver (Jazz)” by Westword magazine from 2015-2017. She is the Assistant Program Director at CCJA and runs “She-Bop”, a program for women in jazz.


Mark Diamond – BASS

Mark has been a sideman on over 100 albums, toured throughout Europe and regularly appears at festivals and clubs across the country.

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