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Aug 7, 2019

We’re kicking off a new series of shows, where brands (big and small) come to the Woodshed to share their challenges and aspirations. Alex and a special guest host then duke it out with creative ideas on the spot, and take those ideas and test them to see what performs better in the actual marketplace.

First up, the team from Baboosha – Frank Amoros, Heather LeFevre and Leo Lourdais.  Baboosha are high-end footwear crafted from ethical Alpaca fur, mixing Parisian glamour and style with the exoticness of Peru. 

Alex’s guest host this week – Courtney Loveman, former fashion designer and co-head of strategy at CPB. 

Alex’s idea

Courtney’s ‘winning’ idea

Visit: BABOOSHA + Instagram

The Baboosha team:

Frank Amoros (CEO) 

Heather LeFevre (Strategist / Consultant)

Leo Lourdais (Fashion Model / Influencer)